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Teresa Eddy

Teresa EddyPeople often ask how I got started, and I tell them this story:

“Originally, my Aunt was a hairdresser and she would come to visit a couple of times a year.  Every time she came she would cut our hair like it or not.  And you would have bangs up to your hairline.  I kind of got tired of having her haircuts.

Instead of waiting for her to get there when I knew she was coming, I would cut it myself. When she would come, I’d say, “I don’t need a haircut because I already did it.” I was pretty good at it. When we’d go out, people would comment on my hair and how good it looked. My Mom started pawning me off on her friends. They’d come over, and I’d cut their hair. I was really good at it. I just knew I was going to be a hairdresser all of my life.

I was contracted to work for someone even before graduating from cosmetology school. I assisted there for 6 months or something like that. It was great, and it was in a barber shop. Next, I went to work for Command Performance when they opened in Kansas City. There were initially 10 salons, and I was the Assistant Manager for the location in Mission, KS. After that, I went to work for Hair Care Harmony as a manager. While I was with them, I also worked as an educator. I traveled around their 10 salons in Kansas training on permanent waving, hair cutting and coloring. I did that for 2 different companies. I was all over the place. Then I ended up here at Hair E Clips. I’ve been here every since.

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